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Warm, friendly, attentive and extraordinary…

are all words used by her clients to describe Leslie. With Leslie, you are not just another project, but the other half of a relationship, the product of which is beautiful design that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly.  Leslie is committed to making every project perfect for her clients, time and time again and after almost 30 years of actively working and growing in the design industry, Leslie has learned just how to find the right fit for any project, large or small.

Through her previous partnership in an active trade showroom featuring over 100 manufacturers, her close relationships with these vendors and other industry related professionals, has given Leslie unparalleled knowledge, expertise and industry insight.  This has proven to be a tremendous resource for her and her clients, making their projects unmatched in quality.

What this means for you?

Simply put… a design you are madly in love with and want to share with friends & family over and over again.

“The ultimate goal is for you to walk into your home and say “Hi House” with a big grin on your face, knowing it is everything you hoped for. That’s a job well done!”   -Leslie Padron

As Featured in NYC&G

NY Cottage & Garden Magazine

featured Leslie for her work on the project design 2014 benefiting the Ronald McDonald House, New Hyde Park NY.

Contents for the Home

The trio of Gayle Moss, Leslie Padron, and Susan Taubman set out to “fashion a bedroom that truly worked, which meant adequate lighting and storage, a functional desk, and a sizable closet remade into a mini walk-in,” says Moss. “An icy aqua Venetian-plaster wall covering offers a polished finish, making it a soft place to land.” Photographs by Keith Scott Morton